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Waiting for godot

Ottawa Safety Counsil

02 05 2004 And Then the Rain Came

I made the drive to Shannonville on Sunday morning to see some of the racing, get my things in order for the National weekend in 3 weeks, and see Pat race. It was a dark day and it rained off and on for the entire trip from Kanata to Shannonville, but it looked like it would clear.

Morning races were on a wet but rapidly drying track; this forced everyone to take the wet tired off and install DOT’s. The weather was great for the hour that everyone stopped for lunch. When lunch was over Pat and I took a stroll up to the track to check the condition. This would allow Pat to be comfortable with his tire choice. Laziness won out over practicality and Pat decided to leave the intermediate tires on this allowed him to goof off a little longer.

Pat took part in AM 600, and had a strong showing. With the usual AM 600 attrition Pat was easily in the top 20. Then it rained, and stopped, started drying, and rained again. It all happened that fast. No one knew what to do, what would be the proper tire choice? By lap 2 of the Pro 600 it was pouring, while viewing from the stands we could barely see across the track. Time for the wet tires! When I left the track Pat was busy changing to full wet tires in preparation for the Middle Weight Sportsman race.




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