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Waiting for godot

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17 07 2004 - live from Mosport

We awoke to a wet morning; the area surrounding Mosport had been hit by heavy ran over the last few days. There has been heavy flooding in some areas close to the track. The town of Peterborough, only 30KM north of Mosport has been declared a state of emergency.

Luckily the weather cooperated and the track dried by the end of the morning. The Diablo SV Cup had a qualifying session on Friday, the conditions were great!

Rich’s Comments from Qualifying:

The pack started to spread out by the end of the first lap. I was able to stay with a pack of riders all running a similar pace. My plan was to do a few laps and then enter the pits, check my times and get encouragement from Team Shouldercheck members Pat Boyd AM#48 and Dave Fong AM#28. Those words never came! They did however bring me a bottle of water and that was nice. When I came into the pits I was in 13 th place with a 1.41.128 just over 6 seconds off the pole position pace set by Pascal Anctil of 1.35.680. However while I was enjoying my bottle of water everyone else went faster, and I was down to 19 th place. With just over 4 minutes left on the Dunlop timing clock, I went out to try and better my time but it was not to happen.

AM 600 Afternoon practice

The even number riders were out first and that meant Yves, Dave and Pat were out. Pat is just trying to get comfortable on his new Yamaha R6, he felt a little disappointed when looking at his times from the afternoon to find he was faster on his 1992 Honda CBR 600 F2!

Alan was out next in the odd number group, but he was late. I was waiting in pit lane as it was too far to walk back to the pits, but I figured Pat and Dave would at least say “Hey, your up” when they returned after their session. With 11.22 remaining in the practice session Alan entered the track. He was going out on new tires and had to scrub them in before he could push hard.

The combined times were as follows:





Yves Dagenais



Alan Burns



Pat Boyd



David Fong


After an evening of watching taped AMA and World Super Bike race, Dave claims to have another 6 seconds hidden somewhere!


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