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18 06 2004 - Team Shouldercheck complete Mont Tremblant test
Two Team Shoulder Check Yamaha mounted riders and Team Shoulder Check's development rider Steve Plummer finished their one-day test in Mont Tremblant, Quebec today and now head home for a short rest before resuming work in three weeks time. The team will be back to work on July 11th for another test weekend in Mosport, Ontario.

The riders spent the day building on the work they have done racing the previous season in Mont Tremblant. TSC's Pro rider Henri managed to do a race qualifying-simulaton of 9 consecutive laps while the team's development rider Plummer searched for the ideal set-up. On the other side of the spectrum, David Fong was relieved to complete what has been a frustrating test day for him.

Dan Herni (TSC Pro #711) 48 laps, 1'50.80 "I'm pretty happy. This test's been quite good and we have already improved a lot since we began testing the 2003 R6. I still need more horsepower and it is more difficult to ride at the moment because I have to push much harder. Today I did more than 9 consecutive laps and already the bike seems to work quite well when the tires are wearing down, which is very important to know. In an ideal world I will have more horsepower for the next test here in three weeks time."

David Fong (TSC Am #28) 26 laps, 1'58.72 "I am so surprised that it wasn't very good here for me. I normally manage reasonable times in testing but I have fallen here today ending my testing in the morning. I had a crash exiting the chicane, it was quite scary as I highsided violently at 130kph and I think that is why I will have to check my confident at Mosport where my lap times have not been good. Anyway we still have three weeks before the next test and I need to make a good time then. We have to make a lot of changes to the R6, hopefully not too many."

Steve Plummer (TSC Development Rider) 58 laps, 2'00.16 "Not a lot of improvement today. We have been trying different things but can't find the right way to go to improve by a second, which we obviously need. I think we are missing something; possibly we have made too many changes so we'll remedy that next time. We need to improve the horsepower of the bikes at Mosport to be closer to the pace.
It was frightening heading down the hill in turn two and seeing the scattered pieces of Dave's R6 all over the track. I noticed him crawling in the direction of the track because he was obviously disoriented so I completed another lap even though I was low on petrol just to ensure that he had turned around and he did."

Aric Palmer (Team Shoulder Check's crew chief) "We're alright. We have a bit of work ahead of us rebuilding one of the bikes but it is manageable. Although we struggled with tire issues we still need some more push from the engine. This bikes are still very new for us but everything we wanted to test is done. The Mosport circuit requires quite a lot of horsepower and our times will be slightly off in three week's time but the bike reliability is good."




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