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Waiting for godot

Ottawa Safety Counsil
01 05 2005 - Alan Goes Racing
Arrived at track with Aaron at 7:30 a.m.
It Rained. A lot! I practised on my new rain tires.
After the Pro and Amateur superbike guys play crash up in their heats The officials cancelled the rest of the Day.

Sunny and Cold to start.
New Schedule.
Heat races First thing in the morning Finals in the later morning and

Middle weight heat Started 7th row Finished 10th

Am 600 Heat. Started 7th row Finished 13th

Heavy weight heat Started 2nd row Finished 4th
It started Raining. Just enough to dampen the track but not enough for
Rain tires.
Am 600 Started 8th row Damp track finished 21st.
Middleweight sportsman Started 4th row Finished 9th Dry track.
Heavyweight sportsman Started Front Row Finished 5th. Dry track

Home by 7:30 p.m.


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