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Waiting for godot

Ottawa Safety Counsil
Mid Ohio 2006

On the August long weekend, TEAM SHOULDER CHECK riders Pat Boyd and Rich Peillard rode their street bikes down to Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course for Round 13 and 14 of the AMA Superbike series. They found that Mid-Ohio was a beautiful, flowing racetrack but better suited to driving down in the car.

Only 5hrs from Ottawa, Rochester is the land of Kodak

Just the thing I was looking for at the cottage

Eastman House

This is why Kodak missed the digital revolution

Rochester, NY has some great old buildings

What could be more American than Miguel Duhamel being idolized everywhere

Mat Mladin Sunday morning practise.jpg

And 40 seconds after his arrival, his bike is stripped, sans front wheel

Jim Allen of Dunlop

Mladin explains to Burgess how Spies' mechanic makes him lunch

Yes, we thought it was a nifty idea too

Ponch of the California Highway Patrol

Mmm...Zemke toy

TEAM SHOULDER CHECK brought a tall stepladder for the next few shots

Parts Unlimited is slightly larger than Parts Canada. Say ten times bigger

The used Pirelli tires just made Pat Boyd weep. Don't forget that most people run Dunlops down here. Pirelli is only supporting a small percentage of the grid

You're right, Hummers ain't so big

Would you believe there's a 42 inch plasma in every room



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