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Waiting for godot

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To Hell and Back Mosport 2006


Beep, Beep Beep. It's 4:00 a.m. and the alarm is buzzing in my ear. Pat and I had decided to share the Big OSC trailer for the trip to Mosport so it was an early start for me to pick Pat up in Orleans at 5:00. Amazingly I arrived early at Pats place and we loaded his entire supply of used tires.(Well it seemed like it..) It was stinking hot already.Thursday practice was a bonus which meant that We could use up our supply of used michelins without angering the Pirelli gods.

Pat was once again using Dave's bike as his transmission was still short a couple of gears after re-assembly. The first session in the morning was a good test for me as I hadn't been to mosport since 2004. I let Pat lead the way out as he had been here early in the year for a track Day. As we entered the Mario Andretti Straight I had to brake to avoid running into Pat. My 1995 F3 seemed to be much quicker than his R6. Obviously something was very wrong.

Back at the pits Pat mentioned that the bike just wouldn't rev past 10,000 rpm. As we were looking at the bike a carburator clamp fell out into Pats hand. He decided to stay to the left on the straight for the afternoon session. The afternoon session was more of the same. I'm 5 seconds a lap slower than I was 2 years ago. Pat was still real slow on the straight but he didn't want to look at his bike. I did get some good video from the on bike Camera though.

After a trip to the Pirelli tent to get used tires installed we made a trip into town for some dinner supplies and air conditioned shopping malls. By 8:30 at night the temperature had dropped to about 30 degrees. Did I mention it was hot.


It's hot already. The forcast calls for 35 degrees with a humidex of 40 or more. I made a gearing change to try and get a better drive out of the Moss carousel on the the back straight in the hopes of being able to draft some of the faster bikes.

This would be my first time on the used Pirellis. They seemed to be very slippery. It was yet another session of slow laptimes I pulled off to save my energy and tires. After talking to Kevin from Pirelli I realized that i hadn't set the tire pressures correctly DOH!.

Pat's bike was still running like SH$T and I finally convinced him to look at it. After getting theAutograph Seekers Swarm TSC Pits carbs correctly installed with all the clamps in place the bike was immediately better. Time for lunch.

During lunch the TSC pit area was swarmed with autogragh seekers who just couldn't wait to ask us about our stunning laptimes.

Due to the continuing heat wave I decided to purchase a PUG shirt from Bickle racing. What a difference.! It made getting in and out of the leathers much easier and it kept me several degrees cooler. Did I mention it was HOT!

With proper tire pressures and working carbs the afternoon sessions were better for both of us. Due to the smaller number of entries both Pat and I were guaranteed a spot in the race.

Another trip into town for Dinner where we met Rich who would be our official Crew and photographer for the weekend. See Rich's pictures here. He was wishing that he had brought his SV for the race.


Did I mention it was hot! Cathy showed up this morning driving the Air conditioned car. She didn't really want to get out. Saturday morning practice was more of the same Our laptimes were in the 25-30th place range about 10 seconds off the leaders(:. We started looking through the time sheets to see who we would be racing against on Sunday. Pitted across from us was Grant De Groot who was running a similar pace to ours on his first weekend at mosport.

After a great lunch prepared by Cathy we watched a couple of the races before getting ready for our Qualifying session. Pat and I headed out together to see if we could play the drafting game to get some better laptimes. It didn't work. We pulled off early in the session to give the faster riders a clearer track. I finished in 30th place while Pat was in 31st and our neighbour Grant was in 29th. A 9th row start for all of us..

Another trip to the Pirellii tent where Pat pulled out his secret weapon. NEW TIRES!! I went with another set of used ones.. Pat and Rich then headed off to town for dinner while Cathy and I hung out at the track and ate Steak and potatoes...Did I mention that Cathy can CooK!


Morning practice saw me jump all the way to 25th on the lapcharts. Grant was 26th While Pat was saving his new tires back in 30th. Time for another great Lunch from Cathy.

The schedule on Sunday had our race at 2:30 in the afternoon right before the second Superbike race. Rich's plan was to be loaded and driving out of the track by 3:45 as soon as the superbike race was done.

I set up the camera as Pat and I hoped to have some fun trading places on the track and so I wanted to get some god footage. All I had to do was push the remote start button on the gas tank and the camera would start rolling.

The 5 minute horn went off and we geared up and headed up to the pits to wait for the warm up lap. We made it to pit lane just in time to sit and wait while the officials got something sorted out. Did I mention it was HOT!

We finally headed out onto the track after what seemed liked hours. I'm sure it was only minutes but.....As I came around onto the front straight to pull into my place between Pat and Grant on the ninth row I noticed that there was already a bike in my spot. Hmmm. That's not good.

I rolled the bike back to the 10th row as it wouldn't make much of a difference and there was no point in delaying the start. As the green light came on I launched forward only to realize the the person in the row ahead of me wasn't moving. A quick swerve to the right and I was off after Pat and Grant.

The first 8 laps were a blast as I was able to draft past Pat on the back straight only to have him pass me back on the exit of turn 2. This went on for several laps with Grant just in front of us. Around lap 6 I was able to get a good tow from Grant down the back straight and passed him on the outside of turn 8. Pat followed a couple of turns later.

On lap 8 14 year old Brett McCormick went by us as if we were going backwards. The rest of the leading group followed soon after. As I approached turn 8 on the following lap I missed a down shift and made a rookie mistake of running off the track. Gravel traps and motorcycles don't work well together and as soon as the front wheel hit the gravel I was flying like superman over the bars. I made an okay landing on my head followed by a few tumbles.

The gravel was not very good for my new HJC AC-11 helmet but I'm here to write about it so it did it's job. The bike suffered from bent forks and smashed body work as well. Pat and Grant continued to have a great battle for the remaining 2 laps of the race with Pat beating Grant to line by 00:00:191 seconds for a 25th place finish! Here are the Final results.


Oh yeah and I forgot to turn on the dam camera too!

Mosport press releases.

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