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Waiting for godot
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Shannonville Motorsports Park

Saturday May 16th, 2009

Boom Flash Bang Crash. It's 8:00 a.m. on Saturday morning here at Shannonville and the Thunderstorm is drowning out Chris as he presides over the riders meeting, which is being held indoors due to the show that mother nature is putting on outside.

The day begins with lots of rain but I came prepared. The rain tires are already on the bike so as soon as the track is open I'm one of the first riders to venture out. It's my first time on my just purchased 1999 Yamaha R6. After one sighting lap and one sort of fast lap I pick up the pace and as I accelerate out of Moss' carousel I prod the shifter down to grab 4th gear wannnnnnnnnnngggggg goes the engine as I shift to 2nd instead of 4th. Bang goes the chain as it snaps under the extreme load. Crap.....Crap ...Crap.. after years of riding with a GP shift pattern I've forgotten how to ride a standard shift bike and I've shifted the wrong way at close to redline. I hope I haven't damaged the Engine. I coast to a stop and wait for the ride of shame in the Shannonville crash cart.

Lucky for me Pro 6 is here and has a chain to sell me. Even luckier Yves Dagenais is here and has the tools and expertise I need to put the new chain on the bike. After some timely repairs the new chain is on and I only miss one practice session. The R6 is a very different bike from the F3 I've been riding for the last 4 years. It`s lighter faster stronger etc... And because of it`s age and My age I can enter 5 different classes at a R.A.C.E. Superseries event.

Saturday passes with the usual Practice and Qualifying all done in the rain or semi rain. I`ve made it through the day the bike is good I`m not too exhausted and the Sunday forecast is for Sun although not very warm.

Sunday May 17th, 2009

The sun is out but somebody turned off the heat. It`s about 6 degrees this morning and my son Aaron just wants to hide under the blankets in the van. I`d like to do the same but there are grids to check and races to run. After a good breakfast put on by GOLO racing in memory of Max Mercier it`s time to get the gear on and head out on track. Yves and Michelle are only using one bike this weekend so they take pity on me and loan me there extra set of tire warmers to use. I think about wrapping myself in them but they fit the tires better.

The rest of the day is a flurry of activity as I have 4 races to run on Sunday afternoon. The heavyweight sportsman race goes off without any hitches and I bring the bike home in 11th place against all the big bore bikes. In the masters race i get a great start and I`m running first in my class however on the 3rd lap i make a slight mental error and run off the track at the chicane. i manage to keep the bike upright and return to the track well down in the field with some determined riding I pass a few bikes and at the finish I`ve managed to claim 2nd place woohoo!!!!

Next up I have to run the middle weight Sportsman and AM 600 races back to back. In the sportsman race I finish in 5th place but I`m wiped and and wish I had some thing to drink. But I soldier on and head back out for AM 600. I do my fastest lap of the weekend in that race and at one point ran as high as 12th place but quickly go backwards to finish well down in the field.

It`s been a very successful weekend on the R6 and I can`t wait for the next Regional round in June.


Finishing position

Best lap time

Am 600 22 1:58.09
Heavyweight Sportsman 11 2:01
Middleweight Sportsman 5 2:01
Masters Middleweight 2 2:00



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