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Shannonville Motorsports Park

Saturday June 20, 2009

It's deja vu all over again as the rain falls on a Saturday at Shannonville. Time to put the rain tires to use yet again. I'm only doing 3 classes this weekend as the schedule would have me doing 3 races back to back on Sunday and I'm not in good enough shape to do that. The day stays wet and rainy and many of the riders choose not to run in the heat races. I go out whenever I can in order to get the best possible starting positions for the Sunday finals.

Fellow OSC member and Future Teamshouldercheck racer Glenn Cauley is at the track this weekend on his well prepared Suzuki TL1000. This is his first weekend back after breaking his collarbone last fall and he's anxious to clear out the cob webs. Glenn and I will be on the track together in the heavyweight Sportsman class. Yves and Michelle Dagenais from Team Shadowrunner are here as well and are giving me a place to sleep in their RV. It's good to have friends.....

The heat races went fairly well except for a small mistake I made in the middle weight race on the last lap. I downshifted to first and then the bike didn't want to go into second as I tried to accelerate out of the hairpin so 3 racers passed me. I figured out my shifting points in the next heat race and didn't have any further problems in the rainy conditions. The masters heat race was cancelled as the day was running a bit late so after a quick cleanup we went into Belleville for dinner at a great English style pub called The Winchester Arms.

Sunday June 21, 2009

Up early and time to change tires. I skip my first practice session while I put the dry tires back on the bike. My times in the first dry session are not that much faster than I was in the wet. There are some issues with the front end of the bike after my little incident at Calabogie. There is still something that isn't quite straight and I think it's affecting the bike in right hand turns as I just haven't got any confidence in the front tire as I turn in for turn 1.

My starts have always been good and this weekend is no different as I continually make up several positions in each race. In the middle weight race I was starting from row two and going into turn one I was in 3rd place as I started to turn in for corner two Pro racer Simon Blue came flying up the inside trying to pass 3 or 4 of us at once. As he realized he wasn't going to make the turn he straightened up and I had to brake hard to avoid a collision. This allowed a few other bikes to get by and I had to work hard to catch back up. I eventually finished in 5th.

The masters race was my final one of the day and I was starting on pole for the middle weight class. I got another excellent start and found myself alone on the track chasing down some of the heavyweight class riders. Glenn was giving me signals from the pit wall and for most of the race there was no one near me but on the last lap the rider who was behind me made up a ton of ground. As I came out of the hairpin I snuck a look back and he was right on my rear wheel, I brake later than I had before at the end of the straight and took a very defensive line into Allen's corner. I won the race to the finish line to take first place and put myself into the points lead for the championship.

Next race is July 25th-26th on the Shannonville long Track.


Finishing position

Best lap time

Heavyweight Sportsman 11  
Middleweight Sportsman 5  
Masters Middleweight 1  



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