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Shannonville Motorsports Park

Friday July 24, 2009

Pat went to the Friday practice with Yves and Michelle as he had not been to a RACE in over a year and needed to get his feet wet again. I went to Work. :(

Saturday July 25, 2009

I showed up at 07:00 with Rain tires mounted as the forecast was calling for a 90% chance of Rain. Of course it was wrong and the first thing I had to do was change my wheels. Yves, Michelle and Pat had saved me a primo spot in row 3 of pit lane. I brought my son Aaron and his Friend Andrew to the track to help out with pit duties for the weekend.

I entered 4 classes this weekend as the Sunday schedule had spaces between all the finals so I wouldn't have to do any back to back races. Saturday went well with some good Qualifying races giving me some good starting positions for the Sunday Finals. Cooked dinner on the BBQ for Me and the crew. The burgers weren't too badly burned. LOL.

Pat was entered in 3 classes for the weekend. He decided to skip the Am 600 race as it can be a bit crazy and not where you want to be for your first weekend back.

Yves had a Crash in his make up Practice for the Superbike Race that had been cancelled at round 3. We spent a good part of the day fixing his tweaked bike while he had various medical people work on his shoulder.

At the end of the Day I had Wayne the Michelin man mount up a brand new set of Power One Race tires.

Sunday July 26, 2009

Another great day of Sun that was predicted to be rain. I used the morning practice sessions to scrub in the new tires. The first final of the Day was the Heavyweight Sportsman class. I started in 8th position and finished in 8th.

Next up was the Am 600 Class. I entered this Class for some extra track time and never expect to be competitive on my 10 year old motorcycle. Because Yves was slightly injured form his crash the day before I spent most of the race chasing him and trying to stay ahead of a couple of other riders. On the last lap coming into Allen's corner I locked up the Front wheel and tossed myself on the ground. After I tumbled a few times I stood up and looked for my bike. It was no where to be seen. The Marshal at the flag station pointed behind me and I spotted my bike about 60 metres away in the mud. Somehow when I came off the bike it had stood itself back up and ghost ridden off into the field without hitting anything. It gained a few scratches and picked up some mud.

After some mud removal and a quick re tech the Bike and I were ready for the next final which was the Masters. I`m currently leading the championship in the middleweight masters class and had finished first in the heat race on Saturday. I executed a perfect launch at the start and never looked back as chased down some of the larger displacement bikes in the mixed class race. I finished 6th overall and first in the middleweight class to extend my points lead.

The final race of the day was middleweight sportsman. I was starting this race from the second row thanks to a 5th place finish in the heat race on Saturday. I nailed the start and set off in pursuit of Rob Busby and Jody Greening. I stayed in third place for almost the whole race as I wasn't able to run the pace of the two of them. As the race went on I could sense a buzz from behind me and on the Last lap Michael Chambers on his 250 2 stroke started to show me a wheel in almost every corner and in Corner 7 he attempted an outside pass that I was just able to fend off but that gave him an excellent drive towards corner 8 and I couldn't outbrake his much lighter bike as we went into the corner side by side. He completed the pass and then got a nearly perfect drive onto the back straight. I thought I might be able to pass him on the straight under power but I was only able to just get up beside him before we had to brake for the fast right hander and that was the race I finished in 4th with my fastest lap of the weekend!



Finishing position

Best lap time

Heavyweight Sportsman 8 2:00.288
Amateur 600 17th with a Crash on the Last lap. 1:55.636
Masters Middleweight 1 2:00.449
Middleweight Sportsman 4 1:55.508



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