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Waiting for godot


Ottawa Safety Counsil

Shannonville Motorsports Park

Shannonville July 16th 2010.

TSC rider Alan Burns showed up at the track for the first time this year. "I wanted to give everyone else a chance so I gave them a 3 round head Start" said Mr. Burns. "Actually I was just too lazy to get the bike ready early in the season. " Rider Pat Boyd was unable to attend due to other commitments.

After paying large numbers of bills for a license, registration and transponder rental it was time to unload and get set up. Fellow racer Glenn Cauley had shown up early Friday morning and had a prime pit spot on the first Row. Luckily there was some free space just a spot over. I quickly grabbed as much real estate as I could and my Son Aaron and I unloaded and headed to tech with the bike. At the end of the day we headed in to Belleville on the streetbike and joined Glenn for some dinner at the Red Rock restaurant.

Saturday morning came early and it was hot. Walking from the tent to the bike I broke out in a sweat. The day went well I was riding on some used Michelins and my lap times hovered around the 2:00 minute mark. Drank lots of fluids and had some decent Qualifying results. The R6 is not running at it's best there seems to be a carburation problem as a result of a bad winter storage. At the end of the Day I had Wayne the Michelin man mount up some new Power Race tires in preparation for Sundays Finals..



Finishing position

Best lap time

Heavyweight Sportsman 9 2:01.008
Masters Middleweight 6 2:00.291
Middleweight Sportsman 9 2:00.315

Sunday morning was hot again. I did the first Practice session and decided that a trip to Canadian tire was in order for some carb cleaners.... Took off for Napanee in the van and brought back some mystery juice that said it would cure all my problems and grow me some new hair...(Disclaimer this part is made up)

The first race of the day was middleweight sportsman just before lunch. The day was going well and R.A.C.E was ahead of schedule. I wasn't watching close enough and ended up being late to the grid. That meant I had to start from Pit Lane after the rest of the field had left . So much for my good grid position. I pushed hard, used the new tires to the limit and managed to work my way to 7th place in 7 laps. R.A.C.E results

The next race was heavyweight sportsman. In this race I was starting from the 3rd row against 1000cc 4 cylinder machines. I pretty much rode around by my self until the last lap when another rider passed me and beat me to the line by a tenth of a second giving me a 10th place finish . R.A.C.E. results

My Final race of the day was the Masters Class. There are 3 classes of motorcycles on the track at one time in this event. OPEN, HEAVYWEIGHT and MIDDLEWEIGHT. I'm racing in the middleweight class. I'm supposed to start in the 8th row but as I come to the grid another bike is already in my spot. I decide that the 9th row will do and line up there. I nail the start and quickly move past a number of bikes and slot in behind some of the heavyweight bikes.

I can see Glenn Cauley , Dan Thompson, Craig Atkinson and Franz Walker are having a whale of a battle for 7th place over all and I join in at the back of the group. Glenn, Dan and Craig swap positions several times a lap while I try to slip past Franz at every turn, but his Big Buell just rockets out of the turns time after time. On the last lap I almost get past him at the end of the back straight but can't quite pull it off and settle for a 11th place overall finish and 3rd in the Middleweight class. I had my fastest lap of the weekend in this race. R.A.C.E. Results



Finishing position

Best lap time

Heavyweight Sportsman 10 1:56.444
Masters Middleweight 3 1:55.491
Middleweight Sportsman 7 1:56.129



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