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Waiting for godot


Ottawa Safety Counsil
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Shannonville National August 29th-31st 2003

The Finale


For my second kick at the can this Year Pat once again loaned me his 'B' bike and once again all I had to do was get it ready. This time I had to use even more bondo and paint to repair all the damage Pat did when he crashed 3 times at the Mont Tremblant round. I decided to replace the rear shock as well because it seemed like the one I used at Tremblant was used up. The plan for this weekend was to only enter the Race Open Sportbike class and use the same tires for the whole weekend. Adding to the effort this weekend was preparations for the Ottawa Safety Council track day that was being held on the Monday after the races. I was bringing 3 CB125 "racebikes??" as well as the F2 so the trailer was fully loaded for the trip to Shannonville


'Practice makes perfect' is the way the saying goes but practice also shows me how slow I have become from lack of riding and how much Pat has improved. I expected that my years of experience at Shannonville on F2's would make up for the difference in HP between Pat's A bike and the B bike.
 I was wrong. My NAPTIMES were way off my normal ones for the Shannonville long track and my lines were erratic at best. In hindsight I should have paid the money for some Friday practice.. Oh well Qualifying here we come. I managed to get a good start from the last row in my heat race and finished in the top 15, so I made the final. .

Rich was not so lucky and would be watching for the rest of the weekend. Pat and Dave both Qualified and they would be starting one row in front of me for the final.


I was not any faster in Sunday mornings practice so I was resigned to what I figured would be a boring race at the back between myself and the Sundial.

For the start of the race I was lined up in the last row with Pat and Dave directly in front of me. I aimed the F2 at the empty space between them and waited for the lights to go out. I nailed the start and wheelied past both of my teammates and headed into turn one in a pretty good middle of the pack position. As I looked for some empty space the group of bikes ahead of me suddenly parted and I was faced with the rear end of Nick Coad's slow moving GSXR. I swerved to the right and then to the left as he suddenly found a gear and picked up speed. Pat said after wards that I almost hit him with my maneuvers.

I was stuck behind Coad through turns 2-6 as I did not have the HP to outdrive his 2003 Suzuki. Going into turn 7 he ran a bit wide and I tried to get up inside of him, as I rolled on the throttle the back tire gave a big slide and then hooked launching me skyward in a big flying W! All I could think of was that Pat was going to kill me if I crashed his bike right in front of him. Some how I came back down on top of the bike and road of into the grass on the outside of the turn. I pulled back onto the asphalt as Pat and Dave went by me.

The rest of the Race was the boring contest that I thought it was going to be as I circulated by myself a few hundred bike lengths behind Pat and Dave.


The OSC track day was a resounding success. Lot's of fun was had by all.


I want to finish by thanking Pat for the generous loan of his bike for 2 weekends of racing this summer. I sure that watching me try to crash in front of him will prevent him from doing anything as silly in 2004.


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